Episode 12: Become a Wildpreneur with Carmen Schreffler

In this episode of The Spiritual Business School Podcast, we’ll Meet Carmen Schreffler, the founder and CEO of Wildpreneur. Her mission is to inspire and empower other to turn their mission into a thriving business through her unique process of purpose driven marketing… and becoming a Wildpreneur.

Her comprehensive marketing plans and strategies have been embraced and implemented by renowned spiritual powerhouse teachers and thought leaders including Martha Beck and Byron Katie, as well as a whole host of spiritual entrepreneurs who are out there working and healing the world in their own special way.

In this episode we’ll talk about her journey from pharmaceutical researcher to successful spiritual entrepreneur, how you can call upon your soul council for advice and guidance, and the amazing things you can create in your life and business when you embrace yourself in all your wild glory.

So if you’ve ever been afraid that you aren’t making the right marketing choices for your business, or you’re struggling to find the right way to share your message with the world, Carmen is the perfect guide and coach to reconnect you to your purpose and help you create a new path forward. To connect with Carmen and book a free consultation, visit wildpreneur.com to discover more.

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